Mentorship Programme

gsmn_195Mentor arrangements may be available to Year 12 students currently studying at a Gippsland Secondary School and undergraduate medical students of Gippsland origin or strong ties to Gippsland.

Year 12 students who plan to register or have registered to undertake the UMAT, may have the opportunity to be mentored by a Year 3 or Year 4 medical student. These medical students are located throughout Gippsland studying at one of the Monash Rural Clinical sites located at Traralgon, Churchill, Warragul, Leongatha, Sale or Bairnsdale. Year 12 students may also have access to work experience, however this is limited to the opportunities available at the time of the request.

Medical students of Gippsland origin or who have strong ties to Gippsland may also have the opportunity to be matched with a mentor from the local medical community.

If you are interested in the mentorship programme and a member of GSMN, please contact us.