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Information For Secondary School Students

As early as Year 9, students wishing to pursue a career in Medicine, should consider their subject choices carefully.  For entry into Medicine, it is highly recommended that students consider the following subjects as some of these are pre-requisites to be eligible for entry into Medicine at an Australian University:

  • English – highly recommended
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Maths/Maths Methods

Please ensure you check the University entry requirements, pre-requisities and entry process particularly if you have a preferred University that you wish to apply to.

Normally applicants are also required to sit either of the following which is conducted the year prior to admission.  Please refer to the below web links for further information and dates.

UMAT – Undergraduate Medical Admissions Test

Universities offering Medicine that require the UMAT as part of their selection process are listed below.  This list is subject to change and prospective students are encouraged to check the entry and selection processes for all Universities that offer Medicine.

GAMSAT – Graduate Medical Admissions Test

(GAMSAT is not required for Graduate entry to Monash University from 2017 but may be required for other graduate entry courses).

Special Consideration/Scholarships

Universities may offer special consideration to those students particularly from a rural background.  Students in Gippsland may be considered from an ‘Underrepresented School’ and are encouraged to apply and where required provide details about their residential background.

Monash University is an example of a University that offers a ‘Special Entry Scheme’.  For further details refer to their website:

Another useful link and example of what is on offer in terms of Scholarships available is:

Bonded Medical Places Scheme

The Bonded Medical Places Scheme (BMP) is intended to provide more doctors for areas experiencing doctor shortages.  From 2016, the BMP will become part of the Health Workforce Scholarships programme (HWSP).  For further information, please refer to the following links:$File/BMP%202016%20information%20booklet.pdf

Other useful links…

The AMA (Australian Medical Association) has a number of resources for medical students and those interested in becoming a doctor.  Look under ‘Careers’ then ‘Becoming a doctor’.